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  1. Hi Claire,

    Great Presentation! Could you explain a little more about what results you would have expected from the PCR test if the Dychrom gene was inovled in DNA repair?

  2. What other genes did you look at when you considering which ones would be participating in the DNA damage pathway of your target organism?

    1. I look at Rad51 when considering which ones would be participating in the DNA damage because it is a known gene in that mechanism.

  3. What expression patterns led you to conclude that Dychrom (or another gene) would play a role in the DNA repair process?

    1. Unfortunately the graphs we were using got deleted on the website but there are basically two peaks of expression during conjugation that lead us to the hypothesis that this gene plays a role

  4. Hi! This was super interesting to hear about. I was just wondering what the pattern that the two genes looked like? Like how did you identify that as your test subject?

    1. Hi! Unfortunately the website deleted the graph of my expression pattern, but basically there is a big peak during conjugation

    1. Hi! I believe it plays a role in DNA replication since the website we used suggested that as an option

  5. When you damaged the DNA, how do you know that this gene remains undamaged? Cause wouldn’t it make sense that even if this gene had a role in repairing DNA, if it was damaged, then the expression of this gene would also decrease?

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