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  1. Good presentation! I noticed your cDNA with gene-specific primers is much brighter than the gDNA with the same primers (on your primer validation gel). Do you know why this is?

    1. The cDNA lane is significantly brighter than the gDNA which is an unexpected result given that Rdrm2 has no introns, so it should have been equally bright. This is likely due to experimental error.

  2. what has the project brought to you in terms of better understanding the world of scientists?

  3. How would these finding be made relevant in the medical community? how will the world benefits from these findings?

    1. Having a greater understanding of the mechanisms of DNA damage repair may potentially be helpful in curing genetic diseases that are caused by double stranded breaks

    1. Primers annealing to other things in the genome would make our data less reliable because we wouldn’t be able to be confident that we are only isolating the gene of interest rather than some other part of the genome

  4. What do envision the timeline would be for long-term future research of Rdrm2 leading to novel treatments in the medicinal setting?

    1. There really is no way to know that given that this is the very beginning of the characterization of this gene, but given that it is in fact involved in the repair of DNA damage, as suspected, I would think decades.

  5. How would you classify your future directions for this project into long-term or short-term goals realistically?

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