8 thoughts on “C1 – Abuajineh

    1. We expected brighter band for our gene specific primers because we were detecting DNA damage and DNA damage is expressed on PCR by increasing expression (brighter bands).

    1. PCR helps in the process of determining the function of Setk because its genome T.thermophila is known to be a part of the DNA damage repair pathway.

  1. Even though there was contamination in your control, why exactly were you able to move on in your experiment after your first gel in figure 3?

    1. There is only slight genomic DNA contamination in our negative control (Rpp0), whereas the positive control wasn’t contaminated. We were able to move on with the experiment because our Setk primers were validated based on our expected results. Hope that helps!

  2. It sounds like you observed unexpected band intensities for both controls. How might this impact interpretation of expression results for your specific gene?

    1. This impacts the interpretation of Setk expression results, in terms of not being able to conclude whether or not Setk is involved in the DNA damage repair pathway.

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