11 thoughts on “C1 – Anderson

    1. Hey Aeryn, great presentation by the way! I would want to try inducing single stranded breaks in this gene to see if it can repair those, since it was unable to repair double-stranded breaks.

    1. Hey Kiana! I don’t think so…. The goal of the experiments was to find just one primer that would anneal correctly. There are obviously other primers that would have worked, but I don’t think they would have given different results.

  1. What do you think are other large scale implications are of confirming/discovering the purpose of this gene?

    1. Besides cancer research, there’s a lot. Now, we know that this gene is not involved in DSB repair, but it could still be involved in the repair of SSBs or other DNA damage causing genetic disorders in humans.

  2. Thank you for the presentation! How would you test the gene’s catalytic and metabolic activity to see if it would be useful against genetic disorders?

    1. Good question! Probably something with fluorescence to induce damage to the general structure of tetrahymena, isolate this gene using primers again, and see if there is upregulation after inducing catabolic damage.

    1. Hey Sydney! Probably nothing. Different primers that annealed properly could have been used, but they would have given the same result.

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