7 thoughts on “C11 – Long

  1. This is a really good presentation! One question I had is what phase of T. thermophila did you do your experiments in? Starvation or conjugation phase? Would this change your results?

    1. it was in conjugation phase if memory serves me right. I don’t think it would change the results of the experiment but that could be an interesting future directions to explore to see the effects it has on the gene.

  2. Why was seeing your gene specific primer dropping so low confuse you? What can you learn from this information?

    1. it just went against my initial hypothesis. this information helps me learn that it was not upregulated but rather down regulated.

  3. One question I had is you mentioned that you believe you’re gene is down regulating itself during damage, what is one of the possibilities you think this this means for your gene?

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