8 thoughts on “C13 – Oldenburg

  1. Very well-spoken and presented! Fascinating research as well! My question is what made PCR the optimal choice for such extensive use in the experiments? Once again, excellent job!

    1. Thank you! PCR is a critical part in being able to visualize gene expression at a low cost. Using PCR products in gel electrophoresis is a fast and cost effective way to get information on gene expression, hope this helps explain!

    1. Thank you! My hypothesis was THERM_00129510 would be involved in the DNA repair pathway but since the gene expression decreased after DNA damage, it was concluded the gene was not involved.

    1. At this time, I would say no. Further experimentation could indicate more information into what the true function is, this project helped eliminate the possibility of it being involved in the DNA repair pathway but at this time the true function is unknown.

  2. My favorite one! Very well done considering the circumstances! If you had another semester to do further experiments, how would get a specimen to be involved in the DNA damage repair pathway?

    1. Thank you so much!! If I could have more time to experiment, I do not think I could get my gene involved in the DNA repair pathway but I would do further experiments to see if my gene prevents DNA repair.

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