6 thoughts on “C14 – Lynch

  1. Great poster and presentation, I learned so much! In the future directions section, you mentioned that discovering the conditions that make the Pprs42 gene highly expressed could be studied. What conditions would you hypothesize/anticipate have an impact on Pprs42’s gene expression?

    1. I’m not positive but most likely other conditions related to conjugation since it is known to be involved in that pathway. Gene knockout would probably be the best way to see how it is specifically involved in that process and what aspects of conjugation it is necessary for!

  2. Could there be other reasons for the lack of bands present on the Pprs45 PCR other than lack of expression in the cells?

    1. It could be that we forgot to add the cDNA altogether or that another part of the experimental setup was wrong but since everything was correct and the gene is expected to have really low expression we hypothesized that it was that1

    1. One example could be that if we know a protein that is essential for it we could knock that out in a cell, such as a cancerous one, that we don’t want to be able to survive to repair its DNA. We also could add more of a protein that is needed for it in order to promote DNA damage repair.

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