7 thoughts on “C15 – Planchet

    1. Personally, I would have been much more cautious about the way our PCR was set up. There was a lot of confusion with our master mix. However, this did not affect our experiment as far as I can see, but I would like to rerun that experiment with more caution (not that we were lazy or unattentive with our setup)

  1. How could this gene or its gene products be used in a treatment to reverse or prevent disease caused by genetic damage?

    1. Although results are not conclusive, this gene is proposed to have involvement with DNA damage. A hopeful speculation would be a reversal of DNA damage with a disease or hereditary disorder in DNA damage repair!

    2. My comments do not seem to be saving so apologies if this displays as a repeat. To answer your question, although results were not conclusive, some proposed ideas would be that our gene would be able to repair DNA damage done by either a disease or a hereditary condition!

    1. As commented above, although I do not believe it affected our results, I would like to rerun our PCR with a more steady eye and hand. We were pressed for time because of general confusion with the instruction, so I would like to go back and rerun PCR

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