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  1. Hey Jake! I was curious about how exactly DNA was damaged in your experiment. I know that you said that a specific compound is used to damage it (hydroxyurea?), but do you know how exactly this compound damages DNA?

    1. Hey Kayla! Hydroxyurea is a compound that induces double stranded DNA breaks! I am unsure of exactly how this happens but that is what it does!

  2. Great job explaining your rationale for choosing the gene that you studied! What was it about the other closely related gene that made you think that the gene you researched would be promising?

    1. It was the gene expression profile! It is a graph that shows different times where the gene is most expressed!

  3. If the gene does happen to contribute to damage repair, what does that mean in the bigger picture? How does this help the public? Great work!

    1. It means that we will have a better understanding of the DNA damage repair pathway and we will be able to ideally discover new treatments and medicines that could help treat disease!

  4. Hello!! This was a great presentation! I wanted to clarify, would future testing to verify the function of this gene
    involve more gel electrophoresis? Or would other procedures be used?

  5. It would involve more gel electrophoresis because it would involve PCR. Gel electrophoresis is used to analyze the results of PCR!

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