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    1. Great question! DNA double-strand breaks in humans often times come from environmental factors like UV.

  1. How would you go about the future experiment of removing the Rdrm2 gene (what specific machinery/tools would you use)? If the results from this experiment indicate something other than your hypothesis, what would you presume would be the cause? Overall, very interesting presentation! Cancer research is so incredible.

    1. To do a gene knockout, I think you could use CRISPR to knock out Rdrm2, however I have never performed a gene knockout experiment before so I do not know the logistics of it. Our results matched our hypotheses that the gene Rdrm2 had increased gene expression after DNA damage. Cancer research is so incredible!!

    1. so we picked the gene Rdrm2 because the gene expression profile showed that there could be an increase of gene expression during conjugation or when the DNA is being repaired, prompting us to want to study it further!

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