8 thoughts on “C17 – Radloff

  1. Great presentation! Knowing that hycop is down-regulated during the DNA damage response pathway, what would happen to a cell if the down-regulation didn’t happen?

    1. Hi Yohana! Great question! While I’m not entirely sure what would happen to a cell if the down-regulation didn’t happen, I can hypothesize that either the cell would not function in the same manner or similar to Rpp0’s reaction after DNA damage was induced the cell would continue to function as normal. Therefore, Hycop could potentially be similar to Rpp0 in being constitutively expressed at each time point in the cell.

  2. A very interesting gene, how can Hycop and Rad51 have such similar gene expression profiles if one is downregulated by DNA damage and the other is upregulated?

    1. Hi Shane! Great question. I’m not 100% sure why they have such similar gene expression profiles while Hycop is seen to be down-regulated. Although, upon closer observation it does seem that in Hycop’s expression profile there is a small divet between the first peak, this could possibly be the point that it is down regulated. Ultimately, I think that this is a great question and further proves why Hycop should be researched further!

    1. Hi Abby! There are other known players in the DDR pathway, such as Rad51, therefore the aim of this research in context of previous research was to determine other players involved in this pathway. Although, in Hycop’s case it was more about have one less gene to study it’s involvement in the pathway since it’s likely not involved!

  3. Very thorough presentation! You mentioned you were able to apply DNA damage after the primers were applied, but how did you know your primers were successful?

    1. Hi Anthony! Great question, since we did a primer validation gel we knew that our primers were successful at annealing to our gene specifically. Additionally, in the second gel we can observe our bands at around 379bp, further showing that our primers annealed to our gene after DNA damage was induced!

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