4 thoughts on “C17 – Rakhmonova

  1. What further directions would you do to follow up on the expression of the candidate gene and would you expect this to be cared through to the use in other genes?

    1. Great question — definitely tracking where the mRNA transcript or where the protein product ends up via radioactive markers. In terms of how this can be extrapolated to other genes, this depends on homologs in other species (i.e. genes that are very similar in structure and sequence) or genes with common domains, indicating they may have similar functions.

  2. Where would you expect radioactive stained oligos to end up? i.e. where would the gene products end up in the nucleus?

    1. The best way to test for this would actually be to mark the protein product. Since proteins are most often marked with radioactive sulfur isotope, this is what I would use. If the gene product aids in DNA damage repair, the markers ending up in contact with the chromosomes of T thermophila would support that hypothesis.

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