4 thoughts on “C18 – Singh

  1. What are the specific medicinal applications that could come from further research of the gene TTHERM_00441870 if its function in the cell is discovered?

    1. Hi! Because TTHERM_00441870 was found not to play a role in DNA repair, I can’t speak to the possible medical applications. However, the human homologs of the gene present a reason to continue study of the gene, as any insights made into the role of the gene in tetrahymena could be applied to these human homologs as well.

  2. Nice Job! I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more on the results in figure 1? What made the results contaminated and what does that mean for the results?

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately the experiment shown in figure 1 was carried out by TAs during the quarantine earlier in the semester, so I can’t be sure as to what caused the contamination as I didn’t run this PCR. However, it likely did not affect the results as the experimental lanes were (thankfully) not contaminated and still showed binding. The purpose of this gel was to tell if the primers would be able to bind the tetrahymena genome, so the faint bands seen in the gel were accepted because of limited time in the lab.

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