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    1. +rt means with reverse transcriptase added to the master mix and is needed for conversion of our RNA to cDNA for our PCR and gel to be successful and produce a positive result. -rt is a negative control and means that no reverse transcriptase is added to the master mix before we added the mix to convert our RNA to cDNA and later run PCR and gel electrophoresis.

  1. If your results were conclusive, what would we expect to see (in terms of project results)?

    1. Great question! We would have seen increased expression in the +rt HU rad51 land compared to the +rt UT rad51 lanes, positive results in the +rt HU and UT rppo lanes which we observed, and increased or decreased expression in the +rt HU lane for our gene specific primers. We would also see no bands in any of the -rt lanes as a negative control.

  2. Do you think that going back and choosing different primers that pass the quality control test for your DNA may change your results?

    1. Our primers did pass the test for being able to amplify our specific genes cDNA and gDNA as seen in figure 1 with positive result bands for our gene specific primers in both lanes around the expected values, positive results in both of our RPPO positive control primer lanes at around the expected lengths, and no bands in our H2O negative control. I do not believe that choosing different primers would impact the results of our DNA induced damage gene expression experiment because they were not the issue as shown in the first PCR and gel electrophoresis.

  3. could you explain a little more of a bimodal pattern is and what that means for gene expression

    1. The bimodial pattern (two main peaks present) for both our gene hyplrr and Rad51 which is proven to be involved in the DNA damage response shows that our gene is expressed during times of DNA damage during Tetrahymena Thermophilia’s life cycle. This is important because it eludes to our gene most likely being involved in the DNA damage response pathway in Tetrahymena Thermophilia.

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