5 thoughts on “C2 – Barron

  1. What are some of the other treatments you would use to see if Upec is specifically downgraded or downgraded overall?

    1. While we did not talk about this in class specifically, more would need to be known about the Upec gene through other testing that could tell us more about its role in conjugation. If we found out its role then we could use it to treat or help other cells that could be lacking the Upec gene for conjugation purposes.

    1. It tells us that the Upec gene is not involved in DNA damage response so we can try other genes to see if they work. Other tests would have to be ran specifically for Upec to see if it has a specific role during conjugation that could be useful for other genomes.

  2. As you proposed for future testing, if this was ran again with other chemicals or treatments do believe Upec would still be down-regulated?

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