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    1. cDNA is post-RNA processing, so it only contains exons. gDNA is genomic DNA, which is prior to RNA processing, so it contains both introns and exons.

  1. In regards to your future directions, what would co-immunoprecipitation experiments entail?

    1. Co-immunoprecipation would include antibodies to purify the target antigen (hypzif in this case) to idenity any protein-protein interactions. Hypzif and any complexes it may create can be captured using antibodies, then those complexes can be further studied and researched.

    1. Gene knockout would entail preventing the expression of the hypzif gene. DNA damage would then be induced and the cell’s functioning would be oberseved. Depending on the how the cell functions, (presisent DNA damage, DNA damage repair, impartial repair, etc…) would help to suggest hypzif’s true role.

    1. RNA purification is a published protocol, so we used and followed Zymo Miniprep protocol in order to do that. cDNA was then created from that RNA using GoScript reverse transcriptase, which was then amplified in PCR.

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