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    1. The bands in figure 2 show the expression of the gene. This experiment was done to make sure that the designed primers annealed to the gene, and RPPO primers known to anneal to its gene were used as a control. The presence of a band means the primers properly annealed to either cDNA or gDNA, and the absence of a band means they either did not anneal or the PCR was set up incorrectly.

    1. In figure 3, contamination in lanes 4 and 8 were likely due to cDNA contamination. There was a little bit in lane 5 as well, likely due to migration of RPPO cDNA.

    1. The gene expression in figure 1 is measured by the mRNA levels, and figure 4 shows a brightness level quantified by a program called FIGI. The brighter the band, the higher the corresponding value and corresponding gene expression.

    1. The BART domain is an ARL-2 binding domain. ARL-2 is a regulatory GTPase, and is highly conserved so is found in many cells and organisms. BART and ARL-2 work together to signal, leading us to believe that they could be signaling DNA damage.

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