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    1. So the gene was picked for me due to COVID-19, however this gene was selected based on the fact that it was shown to be unregulated/expressed more during a time of conjugation in thermophila. Conjugation is marked by thermophila purposely breaking and damaging its DNA, meaning if a gene is unregulated at this time it might have a role in DNA damage repair.

  1. Such a well done presentation! I have no questions about the content, but am curious, how did this research impact your overall understanding of DNA repair?

    1. So I already knew quite a bit of DNA damage repair(DDR) in terms of genetic engineering, however I expanded my knowledge on DNA damage types in cells, the type of repair mechanisms, and learned more about DDR and cell fate! I also am quite curious about cell-cell competition and maybe if the mechanisms of cell fate and DNA damage might have some overlap in this topic.

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