8 thoughts on “C21 – Coaley

  1. This was great! What method or instrument would you use to perform a gene knockout for visualization of the DNA damage response pathway?

    1. I would probably try and use CRISPR to bind and cut the DNA and stop the gene from being transcribed. If that doesn’t work out, I could introduce a stop codon towards the 5’ end which would stop expression as well.

    1. I think the best way to really visualize it would be to use some sort of fluorescence and attach to the protein in order to track the movement.

  2. Great job! Would low expression indicate the gene has little involvement with the DNA damage repair response?

    1. Yes, low expression would indicate that a gene is not involved in the repair pathway.

  3. Great presentation, very easy to follow along. I’m wondering if you could explain more on how doing a gene knockout could be significant for your hypothesis and research?

    1. Further testing, specifically a gene knockout, will allow us to either completely confirm or deny Hypzif’s involvement in the damage response pathway. This knowledge will then contribute to the research on a larger scale by crossing Hypzif off as a possible factor.

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