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  1. would the band not be bright if it was not involved in the DNA damage? How is DNA damage crucial

    1. If the band is not as bright as the controls used in the experiments this means that there was decreased expression when DNA damage was introduced and likely not involved damage but could still be involved in the conjugation phases when looking at the expression profile.

  2. Hi Joslynn! Is Tetrahymena Thermophila a eukaryotic cell that is found in human bodies and is suspected in causing DNA damage? What is its general role in the body? How can we extend this sort of research into aiding with human disease?

    1. Hi! T.Therm is found in freshwater areas like lakes and ponds, things like that. It is not suspected in causing DNA damage but being a possible gene involved in the repair because it has the ability to cut and repair its own genome during conjugation. When we find genes that are resiliant in DNA damage repair, we can use this is further research on how to make repair more efficient and preventing further damage to other cells.

  3. HI! I was wondering how your research may tie back with the bigger picture of all this. Thank!

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