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  1. At what point in your project did you suspect that the Wcop40 gene does not play a direct role in DNA damage repair?

    1. We assumed it would have played a direct role in DNA damage repair based on its expression levels during conjugation; I’d say the first moment we suspected it didn’t play a role was when we observed the consensus gel and saw that the expression levels had not changed when exposed to DNA damage.

    1. Yes, we did! When we first performed our primer validation experiment and visualized our results on the gel, we were given the incorrect gel image and threw our gel in the trash, thinking it had not worked at all (the image we were given had bands in the completely incorrect spots). Thankfully, our professor dug our gel out of the trash and re-imaged it, at which point it was clear that our primers had annealed properly.

  2. Thats so interesting and was explained so well. What protein might be predicted to be playing a role in damaging the cell if that is found to be the case in the future?

    1. I’m not entirely sure! I would love the chance to investigate that more, though, as I believe there is some hope for this gene playing an indirect role in DNA damage repair.

    1. Because these proteins have the ability to repair DNA damage, there is the possibility that they could be converted into drugs or treatments that could possibly remedy DNA damage in cancer patients, for example.

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