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    1. We are not entirely sure what the role could be, that is something that we are interested in investigating in further experiments. We just know that SetK is implicated in the DNA damage response pathway.

  1. Why is it important to see whether an organism can or can’t manage without the SetK gene?

    1. This would be important because it would explain how necessary and important the SetK gene is in the DNA response pathway. If the gene is extremely important to the pathway, the organism will likely not be able to manage without the gene as any DNA damage will likely be detrimental.

    1. This research can be implicative for treatments or cures for other diseases because completely understanding the DNA damage response pathway gives a higher understanding on the way that cells react and respond to DNA damage. DNA damage is a huge component in a lot of diseases including cancer, if we are able to understand the pathway entirely, we can take components of it and implement them as therapies by using complex technologies like CRISPR. This is just one idea and suggestion, but getting a full understanding of the DNA damage response pathway will help massively.

    1. The model organism that we could utilize would be T.therm and through employment of DNA specific technologies like CRISPR, we could remove the SetK gene from the genome and observe the changes due to the removal of the gene.

    2. The model organism for this experiment would be T.Therm and we would employ DNA specific technologies like CRISPR to remove the SetK gene such that we could observe what the removal changes for the organism.

    3. The model organism would be T.Therm and the model system could be a DNA specific technology like CRISPR. We would remove the SetK gene from the genome and observe the changes in the organism.

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