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  1. Hello Clay that was an awesome poster. You said in your future directions figuring out how SetK is involved in that pathway, along with possible other organisms would be vital. What other experiments would prove this? Is that a different class at Boulder to continue research or just a resource and time limitation? Great presentation and I learned a lot.

    1. Other experiments that would provide more info include comparing expression levels of SetK in other cellular stress pathways, and further research would need to be independent of a course but could be the focus of a Capstone project.

    1. The importance of this experiment lies in it implication in gaining a deeper understanding of the DNA damage repair pathway in eukaryotic organism through T. thermophila, which can be used to analyze the stressing factor of DNA damage and its influence on the cascade of cancer formation and other damaging processes and afflictions.

    1. The cDNA in our final data and analysis of the implication of SetK in the DNA damage repair pathway was provided by our lab due to the lack of expression in our personal PCR attempt.

  2. Why weren’t you able to create your own primers? What barriers did you face? I enjoyed your presentation it was very informative and concise

    1. There were a multitude of potential reasons and barriers explaining why the primers did not work, including but not limited to a chance of self-annealing primers in the design, instability in the conditions used for primers, contaminated or degraded primers upon arrival at lab, or error in preparing primer amplification experiments.

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