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  1. Have there been studies of genes in humans that work for genome repair? If a human cells genome was to be cut up into a bunch of different pieces, are there any proteins that work to repair that damage or a protein that we could change to make that work? And, if we did find a protein that could do that in another organism, how should we go about implementing it into care?

    1. Of course, Humans use both homologous and non-homologous recombination. These processes are used in Tetrahymena. thermophilia, which is most likely why these organisms are used in researching DNA damage to understand human DNA damage repair. We can use these as model organisms to compare without going through certain issues with using actual human cells (I would assume). And as for a protein just like CRISPR-cas 9 is a protein complex found in bacteria finding something from another organism that can do something that human cells can’t– I would assume we would want to research this hypothetical protein and use for therapy’s depending on what the protein can do!

    1. The two-peaks during conjugation show high levels of this gene’s expression. We hypothesized that the reason for high level of expression is because it is involved the DNA damage repair pathway.

  2. What prior research did you do that made you believe that the Pprs- gene 42 was involved in the DNA damage repair therapy?

    1. Initially from the data of the two-peak conjugation showed high levels of gene expression during the induced DNA damage, this made us hypothesize that this gene must be expressed at high levels during DNA damage repair pathway.

  3. what is the importance of determining what the importance of the Pprs-gene 42 expressing after DNA damage is induced?

    1. The importance would be in order to do further research on diseases that are cause by DNA damage we need to understand the pathway living organisms use to repair DNA to hopefully understand which proteins may be heavily involved and which proteins involved should be expressing in normal healthy conditions.

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