12 thoughts on “C3 – Fantini

  1. For the errors that occured in the electrophoresis results, what could have led to them?

  2. Could the smearing above your bands on GS possibly indicate the DNA bands missing compared to GS on the given gel?

    1. I think the smearing is just from how the gel was run with the agarose set up. Also which gel are you referring too?

  3. What is “agarose gel?” What does “RNA extraction and purification” entail on the molecular level – how do we do that in lab?

    1. Agarose is the content of the gel, it is made with agarose and 1X TAE. In order to do the RNA extraction you will filter and wash the gDNA until you only have an RNA concentration left in the tube.

  4. Do you know what may have lead to the errors that occurred in your experiments? How could they be fixed to produce a successful result?

    1. Doing the PCR wrong or the concentration of each tube would mess up where each primer is supposed to anneal to the DNA. To avoid these errors you just have to be really careful when pipetting into PCR tubes.

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