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  1. Hey, good job with the poster and research!

    What are some of the causes of DNA damage? and are there any viable treatments for DNA damage?

    1. Thank you Elyse!
      DNA damage can be caused by both external and internal factors. External factors include UV light, various chemicals (for example Ethidium bromide, a common reagent of PCR). Internal factors would include everyday cell metabolism- usually these damages are small and repaired by the cell if the DNA damage repair machinery is working properly.

  2. This was a very detailed and informative presentation! I was just wondering what ‘DNA damage’ refers to specifically and what are the negative effects of this?

    1. Thank you Kendall! DNA damage refers to any breaks in the DNA. This includes single-stranded breaks and double-stranded breaks (we studied double-stranded breaks specifically in our experiments). Causes of DNA damage can include external things like UV light and some chemicals, and internal factors include metabolism and reactive oxygen species. Negative effects of DNA damage if it doesn’t get repaired quickly and effectively include accumulation of mutations during cell replication into daughter cells, and if it is bad enough of damage, it can cause cell death. DNA damage is also thought to be responsible for cancers.

    1. DNA damage can be passed on to daughter cells during replication, which can result in accumulation of mutations. This is especially harmful to an organism if the damage happens to a very proliferative cell (like a stem cell for example) because then there will be many more cells that carry the mutations. If the damage is bad enough, it can result in cell death. There is also research that suggests DNA damage is partially responsible for some cancers.

  3. Very nice poster, very detailed and well done.
    How do you know that the DNA is damaged ?
    What physical effect would show on the cell of the DNA is damaged (Other than dying)

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