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  1. If this gene’s expression does not change do to DNA damage what else do you think it is responsible for?

    1. I looked at conserved protein domains in the gene and the 2 that I found play a role in restructuring and re-arranging chromosomes. Thus, the gene might play a role in those processes.

  2. Was there anything you learned about the gene during your research that could signify its actual function?

    1. I would like to research more into the actual function of the Dychrom gene since this experiment does not conclusively prove that my gene does not play a role in DDR. Regardless, it might play an important role during conjugation and characterization of the gene would help further our understanding of the processes that occur during conjugation and the mechanisms by which they do so.

  3. What types of further research can done with the primers, such as the use of medicinal applications?

    1. Since primers are very specific to the sequence of gene they anneal to, its application would be to enhance the Dychrom gene for any future experiments. If the Dychrom gene turns out to have therapeutic uses, it might be used as such, but on their own, they don’t really have any medicinal application.

  4. Do you have any ideas what genes you would want investigate next if you were continuing this research? Which would be good candidates to consider next?

    1. While I don’t know of any genes in particular which may be good candidates, we can select these candidates by continuing to look for genes with similar expressions as genes that are known to play a role in DNA damage repair. We could also look at genes that other people in this lab have studied which actually showed amplification after DNA damage since further research would still need to be done to confirm that these genes play a role in DNA damage repair. One possible future direction for such an experiment would be to do gene knockout experiments on the aforementioned genes and study the impact of that on DNA damage repair pathways.

    1. As I mentioned in a reply earlier, my gene might play a role in chromosome rearrangement which is a process that would occur during cell division in general. Thus, during conjugation, the expression might not be because of DNA damage repair but rather due to the processes that occur during normal mitosis/meiosis.

  5. DNA damage is a slightly niche subject in microbiology, what made you pick an experiment that focuses on DNA damage?

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