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  1. Specifically, what other pathways would you like to compare to Hypr2c? Also, how exactly, does DNA damage come about, is it a natural process (random mutations) or is there a definite cause?

    1. Great question! any understanding of what the gene is doing and in what scenario is the Hypr2c being expressed will give insight to medicine and how we can apply this research to humans. For example if the protien is involved in tumor regulation vs DNA damage response that would be super beneficial to learn about but is unlikely to understand from this model of experiments.
      From my understanding DNA damage can happen naturally and randomly in your body and it is your body’s many systems to recognize it and fit it. Or it can happen extrinsically from things like radiation.

    1. I was most surprised by how much information, such as sequencing and homologues are already present and yet we need to do more research to full understand what this means and how it can be applied to human science

  2. Well done! If there had been bands in the GS region of the experimental gel how would you go about furhter research or conclusions?

    1. great question! i would say similar direction to research without the band. Solid research is looking at all of the data possible. I can completely rule this gene out until more tests are done, just as much i cant rule genes that have bands in without more research.

  3. Great presentation, Why do you think the there was little to no DNA expression in the gels?

    1. it is possible that this gene has no role in gene expression after DNA damage. Or it is possible there is error in my experiment.

  4. What made you choose Hypr2c for your experiment? Specifically, what makes this protein more important than others in your research, what makes it special?

    1. I believe this choice specifically was based off the conjugation pattern being similar to conjugation happening during DNA damage. It does not have any human homologues so i have to assume it was picked based on its conjugation gene expression pattern

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