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  1. Hi, Charlotte! Amazing presentation! How would a gene knock out experiment help with knowledge of its function?

    1. Hi Matteo, Thankyou for that! :). A gene knockout experiment involves using genetic engineering to silence a gene or genes of interest. If we used this kind of technique to silence Rrm2 in a model organism such as a mouse, we could observe the physical effects caused compared to the wild type. Any negative effects in the modified organism would suggest that Rrm2 was essential for that process/metabolic pathway. Therefore, this may provide further insight into the function of Rrm2 in said model organism.

    1. Hi Amir, of course! The primers are specially created small lengths of single stranded DNA that are used to bind to the single stranded template DNA for DNA polymerase to begin replicating along during PCR. During creation of the primers or their use in lab, they can potentially get contaminated by other reagents, such as foreign DNA (not meant to be used in our experiment) or a chemical compound that might degrade the primers and prevent them from functioning. Any contamination may cause abnormalities in our results such as the visualization of unexpected or no bands on our agarose gel.

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