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  1. How would you test whether or not the deleted gene plays a specific role? What would that experiment look like?

    1. This would require a more nuanced approach, as it would require a) the deletion of the gene, and b) protein assays for the gene-deleted sample, where the major protein products of suspected pathways would be screened and any irregularities would be compared to the control response.

  2. Since your gene is like ATP and shows no difference, Could you continue testing to see if it could fix only specific DNA or is it strictly not a DNA fixing gene?

    1. This IS something that would require further testing; 1) to verify our findings from THIS experiment, 2) to test the expression of the gene under a variety of different conditions (in order to establish that it does not indeed change in expression) and 3) to eventually pinpoint the specific role of the gene, whatever pathway it may be involved in.

    1. The genes were actually assigned to each of our lab groups by the professors, but the general criteria which made the genes of EVERY group viable candidates for this research is the organism in which they are found. T. thermophila has a sequenced genome, many of its genes have already been associated with certain functions, and its a cheap/accessible specimen for most biology labs. The choosing of our genes was based on lack of prior knowledge about their function, allowing us the opportunity to explore a novel focus within the field.

    2. The genes for all groups were actually selected for us by the lab professor, Dr. Moore, but the general criteria which made them viable candidates for studying this topic was the organism in which they originate, T. thermophila. It was the LACK of prior research about these genes which made them attractive, as this provided us with an opportunity to contribute novel research to the field.

  3. Great presentation! What would you do, if you could, in the future to try to determine what would help repair DNA damage?

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