6 thoughts on “C38 – Amaya Gutierrez

  1. How could this- “Although it can be concluded that Bad-cp is
    not directly involved in the DNA damage response pathway,
    there is a possibility that it could indirectly be a part of the
    DNA damage pathway or have a function during conjugation.” be tested?

    1. Colocalization is a good way to test this, by tagging proteins known to play a role in the DNA damage repair system we can determine if badcp interacts with any of them to see if it is involved in the repair system. but also during conjugation, we can again tag badcp and see its movement within the cell to help us understand its function during conjugation.

  2. Of your two potential future directions, which one do you think would result in more valuable research information and why?

    1. I would say colocalization, not only can it allows to see the location of the protein in the cell it also allows us to determine if it interacts with any other protein.

    1. learning more about the characteristics and function of the gene can allow us to be certain that it does not play a role in the DNA damage repair pathway.

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