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  1. great presentation! What do Ftt18 and rad51 do? Like what is their function/purpose in the phage?

    1. Ftt18 is a gene that is always expressed in the tetrahymena with equal expression, Rad51 is a gene that is expressed in the tetrahymen too but has a higher expression during the DNA damage repair

    1. Rad51 binds to the DNA at the damage site and covers that site with proteins, this allows the interaction of many different proteins to fix the DNA damage at the exact site

  2. Great presentation, How did you guess what the bands were gonna be before you can an PCR?

    1. some of them are known band sizes, and The hymelc gene I figured the size through Primer3plus where I created the primer and also predicted the size of band I will get when The primer anneals to the gene/

  3. Are there other genes that have rad51 that you could test and maybe have more successful results?

    1. Rad51 is the best known gene for the DNA damage repair in the Tetrahymena. There are many different genes, but for this lab we used Rad51 as a positive control.

  4. What are some possible errors that could’ve occurred in the Gene expression measurement experiment.

    1. There are many different errors, it could be an error in the PCR I prepared, I might have forgotten to add a certain ingredient to the PCR. Also there could be an issue with the pipetting, or the whole gel eletrophoresis step.

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