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    1. We used a program called Primer3Plus that allows you to insert your DNA sequence, in this case the Pprs42 gene, and get primers generated that will anneal to the gene. We then had those primers synthesized and used them in our future experiments.

  1. Hi! Great poster and presentation! Do you believe a repeat of the experiment would yield different results? It seems like you got the opposite results to what you were expecting, so do you think something may have been off in the experiment?

    1. Interestingly our results did not show any contamination or experimental error. Like I mentioned in the video the fact that there was no visible band for our gene in the sample without DNA damage, it could be possible Pprs42 is always lowly expressed.

  2. if you repeated this experiment many more times, to get a set of results that you could average out to eliminate external factors skewing your results, do you think your conclusions would be the same?

    1. Yes, our conclusions would be the same. Even though our results show no bands they are are verified by the Rad51 and Rpp0 lanes. Pprs42 is likely lowly expressed in general and we would need to run it through more PCR cycles to be able to visualize its expression.

  3. Do you think if you repeated the experiment multiple times, to get an average of your results that eliminated external factors skewing results and isolating anomalies, that your conclusion would be the same

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