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  1. Great presentation! I found it to be clearly explained, with all of the information that you were describing cleanly laid out. I did have one question. I believe that you mentioned early on in your presentation that the Sodium – Calcium Exchanger Protein doesn’t have any known function. If this is the case, do you know why this protein has the name that it does? Is it involved in some degree in creating a concentration gradient in cells, or some other function with these two ions? Thanks!

  2. I enjoyed listening! I have a clarifying question though, why you can suggest that Socax doesn’t play a role in DNA pathways?

    1. I can only suggest that Socax does not play a role due to primer dimers appearing on the gel and bands not showing on the gel.

  3. How did you conduct tests for the Socax primer design, RNA extraction, and Socax expression?

    1. The primer design was done through a website called benchling, here I am able to look at my gene and what it contains. RNA extraction was done by extracting DNA from both treated cell with the hydruxyea damaging reagent, and an untreated cell. This was done by following all RNA extraction and cDNA synthesis procedures provided by the lab manual. Socax expression was found from a website called ciliate!

  4. Hi, going off on a limb here, but because this protein has no known function do you think that this protein could cause more damage rather than repair?

    1. This is a great question! I am not sure how I could conclude this from my results but I think the best way to go about this is to conduct more research and experiments on the Socax gene!

  5. Other than attempting to rerun the gels for your next experiment, are there any other things you would like to add or take away from your first experiment in the future?

    1. I think I would not change anything about the procedure. The issue with my results was possibly due to primer set up error, so in the future I would like to be more tedious in my work and make sure every primer was set up correctly.

    2. I would not change anything with the procedure, my results were inconclusive possibly due to primer set up error. So I would just be more tedious with my primers in the future.

  6. Great presentation! What are some of the future applications of research of this topic?

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