9 thoughts on “C40 – Alexander

  1. You said the regulation was below where it should be and you’re confused by this. Why do you think this happened? Or do you suspect it was an error with the test?

  2. You mention in your Future Directions section that you would like to continue this study on other model organisms with human homologous genes, do you have any organisms in mind that could be useful for your purposes?

    1. I believe Escherichia coli could be another model organism that could be used to study eukaryotic dna damage repair factors

  3. How exactly would you do the further research? Do you have any idea’s for specific experiments?

    1. I believe that we could further analyze genes that show positive results in the HU test with other experiments that could further isolate its role

  4. For your source of DNA damage you said you used HU, would the response be different if a source like radiation was used instead.

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