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  1. Great presentation Coatney. Would you expand a little on what do you mean by further research. If you were to stay in the lab for another year what type of experiments would you perform to confirm that Rrm2 is involved in DNA repair? Other than the replication of the same experiments for more data.

    1. Great question Cristian. Two experiments come mind that I would like to carry out. The first would be to run a western blot to visualize the difference in the actual amount of protein that corresponds to the Rrm2 to gene. This would be interesting because the protein is what directly acts on the repair pathway. The second experiment I would like to run is to actually knockout the Rrm2 gene and see if it affects the efficiency and accuracy of DNA damage repair in DNA damaged cells.

    1. When a cell realizes that it’s DNA has been damaged, it increases gene expression (synthesis of proteins) involved in directly or indirectly repairing that damaged DNA. That’s why there was a larger amount of Rrm2 cDNA (Figure 2) in the hydroxyurea DNA damaging conditioned cells.

  2. Once DNA damage has occurred in a cell, it needs to synthesize proteins that can directly and indirectly repair the damage. So, a gene that codes for a repair protein would be upregulated when it’s needed to help fix the damage.

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