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  1. If you were perform further experimentation, would you personally prefer to continue to experiment with Hypzif to see if it is in fact related to conjugation in meiosis or would you elect to find a different gene to test if it is involved in the DNA damage repair pathway?

    1. Hi Jace, I would at least want to do a bit more experiments for Hypzif to check for protein levels before and after DNA damage to really see if it is part of the pathway.

    1. Hi Astrid,
      DNA repair is very important today. It is very important to study because it is involved in diseases like cancer. If we can study more and more about DNA repair, the closer we can get to better treatments and maybe a cure for cancer and other diseases.

  2. What were some limitations in your experiment and how do you think those contributed to your results?

    1. Hi Hanna,
      Good question!
      There are other techniques to further test whether the Hypzif gene is part of the DNA repair pathway. There is Westerblot to test protein levels and also other tests like gene knock out to see the effects of getting rid of Hypzif. I would love to test these out to see if our gene was actually was in the pathway.

  3. How would your results differ if you chose a different gene to experiment DNA repair on?

    1. Hi Camille,
      Great question!
      I really does depend on which genes. There were a few genes in the class that observed expression of their gene during DNA repair. So depending on the gene the results could have been quite different.

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