10 thoughts on “C44 – Haberman

  1. What experiments would have to be done to discover other genes involved in protein degredation?

  2. What limitations do you think you and your lab group faced in regards to this experiment?

    1. Definitely the most exciting and relieving part of my research was getting my gels back and having all of my PCR bands appearing where I predicted them. Great feeling!

    1. By upregulating the amount of UbiconE2 we could see if there was increased cell proliferation during DNA damage.

    1. We could experiment with this by upregulating the amount of UbiconE2 in the DNA to see if there was increased expression in DNA damage vs the regular amount.

    1. DNA damage can cause mutations in cells and lead to improperly functioning proteins. Generations of this can also become carcinogenic, as mutations in an oncogene, a tumor-suppressor gene can lead to cancerous cells.

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