10 thoughts on “C45 – Hicks

  1. Are you interested in studying more of how different genes can impact gene repair in a lab setting? How else might you experiment with this?

    1. Yeah I am definitely more curious about finding out more about DNA damage repair and what we can do with it from a lab and medical standpoint.

  2. How were you able to predict the functions of the genes you tested based off of previous knowledge of the genes of the tetrahymena? What were some of these predictions?

  3. When discussing your results, it sounds like you suspect there is some kind of error in your study, especially when you are discussing figure 4. Do you have any ideas on what may have contributed to that error?

    1. I would assume an error in the PCR procedure for my figure 4, when looking at the consensus you can see the difference but the exact error I am not sure.

    1. DNA damage can occur over any time to anything that’s living, sometimes its not dangerous or live threatening and sometimes it is.

    1. When we get to understand the DNA cycle more than we might be able to slow down the process or even reverse/ fix it, when this happens it can be put into medical use and save a lot of people lives.

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