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    1. Hi Chloee! Thank you for asking. I thought that these primers were the most ideal because they had the least amount of binding with themselves and they were created to specifically bind only to the gene of interest and had no other spots that were similar. These primers had the right characteristics as well for the PCR and as such, we decided that these were the best primers despite the small protein product.

    1. Thank you for asking! This helps us determines more genes in the DNA damage repair pathway which in turn helps us understand how genes create an efficient pathway to repair breaks. This can then help with future research regarding DNA damage and the conditions that occur with breaks in the gene, and it can help synthesize the best possible approach to fighting this.

  1. Are there any other leads for genes that may have some expression in the DNA damage repair pathway?

    1. Thank you for the question! There definitely are. The biggest lead comes from the expression patterns and the similarities between these patterns and other DNA damage genes that are known to help with double stranded breaks. Comparing these together helps with determining which genes may play a role in the pathway and helps limit the amount of genes that can be tested.

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