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  1. Great poster! How does hydroxyurea induce DNA damage? Do you know if it damages DNA at different levels with different amounts?

    1. Although I am unsure on the exact mechanisms of hydroxyurea, hydroxyurea serves as a genotoxic agent that is known to induce double strand breaks in DNA. With increased dosages, it is a very likely possibility that the amount of DNA damage would increase as well.

  2. What additional experiments would need to be conducted to determine that hyplrr doesn’t have a role in cellular repair.

    1. A primer validation experiment should be conducted to design a new primer set that will anneal the Hyplrr gene under all conditions. Following, the experiment conducted to measure gene expression should be repeated to ensure the results we obtained are valid. We also recommend conducting an experiment with quantifying PCR to measure the gene expression to determine whether gene expression is simply low for Hyplrr.

  3. If you had been able to conclude that your gene was involved in DNA repair of T. thermophilia why would a quantifying PCR be helpful in determining if your gene had a low degree of expression following damage?

    1. By using a quantifying PCR, we can measure the exact amount of gene expression of the Hyplrr gene. If our gene were to be involved in DNA damage repair, by knowing the exact gene expression measurement, we can further explore methods to increase gene expression of Hyplrr which would increase DNA damage repair.

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