14 thoughts on “C48 – Nunez

  1. Could you redo the experiment to figure out if the second one was or was not involved in DNA repair by getting a more clear line on the plot? Or would you just have to do a different type of test to confirm that it is or isn’t involved in repair?

    1. Yes, I could redo the experiment to make sure if my specific primer is or isn’t involved in DNA repair. I could also do a different experiment that would measure something else like protein or RNA levels.

    1. The most interesting part of this experiment was to find out if my specific gene is involved in DNA repair and visualizing the bands under UV light.

  2. Are there any other candidates for DNA repair that you would like to test in the future?

    1. I would like to test other genes in Tetrahymena thermophila since it’s able to repair its DNA.

    1. Favorite part of this class is learning more about DNA repair pathways and visualizing the bands under UV light.

    1. Northern blotting is a method to detect specific RNA molecules. It can be used to measure RNA in a particular cell in order to measure the expression. By been able to measure the expression of RNA we could conclude if RNA increase or decrease after DNA damage.

  3. amazing presentation! was there anything unexpected that happened, or did everything go as planned?

    1. The unexpected is that I used the same negative control for all the primers and I didn’t get more expression after DNA damage.

  4. Great work! If you could retake the class with your current knowledge and understanding, would you choose to test something besides Hymelc?

    1. Yes, I would like to test another gene that has had a previous success in class meaning an increase expression after DNA damage and do different tests.

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