7 thoughts on “C49 – Pajevic

  1. Hi Milena!
    Great poster presentation! I really enjoyed how detailed the poster was as well as your description of the methods performed in your research because it allowed me to follow your course of action when discussing the results.

    One question I have for you is what was the purpose of Rad51 and Atpv0c6 controls in your experiment? More specifically, what were they supposed to portray in the experiment?

    1. Thank you for the question Mia!
      Rad51 was purposed as a positive control, as it is known to increase in expression following DNA damage. Atpv0c6 was a control utilized to show whether or not the PCRs were functional in general.

    1. Hi Hannah,
      I think I would advise someone to be incredibly detail-oriented while performing the pipetting portions of this experiment. The issues that arose in my experiment particularly came from the RT-PCR. We were unable to determine if Rfc1 was more expressed due to a similarity to Atpv0c6. Both appeared to have a slight increase, and since Atpv0c6 was not supposed to, this indicates an issue in the pipetting portion.

  2. Great job I appreciate how confident and engaging you were! Can you please elaborate on more future experiments you would be interested in doing if you got the opportunity.

    1. Thank you Anjali!
      A future experiment that would be helpful to discover the function of Rfc1 would be to knock out the entire gene and observe where the loss-of-function occurs within the cell. From this, we could work backwards to discover the function of Rfc1.

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