10 thoughts on “C5 – Elkinbard

    1. We were given a specific gene to analyze because its function was unknown and we wanted to see if it was involved in the dna damage response pathway

  1. When finding the primer design were there any difficulties that slowed the process of finding the right primer to use in your experiment?

    1. There weren’t any difficulties because we used different bioinformatic programs including BLAST and benchling to determine the cdna and gdna in order to design the primers

  2. What made you interested in your particular gene? Why did you choose the one you did over other possible options?

    1. Our gene was interesting because it hasn’t been previously studied and thats why we chose it as well

  3. I really enjoyed your presentation and liked how you turned a non-result into an important result. Do Tetrahymena thermophila have similar DNA repair genes to humans? Would results from your lab’s research have implications on human treatments?

    1. Thank you!
      Yes T. Thermophila does have similar dna repair genes to humans. For example the rad51 gene
      Since the function of our gene still remains unknown, I don’t believe this would affect human treatment.

    1. Our gene had no prior research making its function unknown which is what made us choose it.

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