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  1. Why is the untreated sample dimmer than the hydrocise? (I know thats horribly misspelled but you mention it at 3:10)

    1. Hi Hydroxyurea is known to inflict DNA damage. Due to this, if a gene is involved in the DNA damage repair pathway it should increase expression after the DNA damage had been induced. So before DNA damage was induced, there had not been increased gene expression but after DNA damage was induced (Hydroxyurea added) expression had increased

  2. I loved how well informed you were on this topic, I am wondering how you decided to choose the gene Rfc1, I know you said it was because it had no known function but how did you come about finding this gene in the first place?

    1. Hi! So, the specific T.thermophila genes were given to our groups ‘randomly’ one could say by our TA’s. However, the genes were all selected based on the little information that had been done on them. Genes with little information on them were given because then our own research and experimentation would have to be done on them

    1. Hi! My favorite part about this was having to determine the specific primers and why those primers will be used. Making the primers for our specific gene was challenging but not only did it set up the rest of the project but it also allowed for the project to be done

    1. Hi! Hydroxyurea breaks up the DNA and basically separates them. To repair them genes will have to essentially bring back the DNA. The hydroxyurea essentially makes the DNA not function anymore

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