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  1. What are some characteristics and functions of badcp that you would look for in expression cloning?

    1. Badcp has a known relation to ARL BART2 protein which has a known function of intercellular organization. So a good place to start would be to look if the organization has been impacted

    1. Badcp displays similar conjugation levels to a known DNA damage repair gene Rad51. Because of this simularity, we hypothesized that Badcp also had a roll in DNA damage repair gene, unfortunately, Badcp is not a part of the DNA damage pathway. but, because of its expression levels in conjugation, it likely still has another important function within the cell

  2. If Badcp is potentially indirectly linked to DNA repair, how would this be able to be proven? Also extremely well done presentation.

    1. In this case the colocalization would probably be the best choice for this. Seeing where Badcp is in the cell during the DNA damage can give us more insight as to if it could be involved or not.

    1. The DNA damage was done with Hydroxyurea. the samples (both treated with hydroxyurea and not treated to the hydroxyurea) were incubated after to allow the DNA damage to occur in the hydroxyurea sample

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