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  1. How would you test to see what role the Hyproc14 gene has in the cell if it is not DNA repair? Do you have any ideas on what it might be?

    1. There are a number of different studies we can perform as next steps in trying to figure out hyproc14’s role such as quantitative PCR, or northern and western blotting which can provide a little closer insight into which parts of PCR show greater gene expression, we can also analyze RNA and protein expression with these experiments and hopefully receive more insightful conclusions about this gene.

  2. Do you know what the function of the Hyproc14 gene might be if not involved in DNA damage repair?

    1. I unfortunately still do not know the function of my gene however it is most likely involved in a different function that helps T. thermophila cells mate during meiosis. More tests must be done to confirm this!

    2. Unforunately we still dont know what the function could be of this gene but likely it has to do with different functions that need to happen in order for meiosis of T. thermophila to be successful

    1. I used online resources primer3plus and inserted my entire coding DNA sequence and it gave me a list of plausible primers I could used to anneal to my template. I then analyzed these different options using a BLAST! website to make sure they wouldn’t anneal to themselves or any other part in the genome, just my gene so it was just a matter of analyzing the different primer sequences and picking the best one for our study 🙂

  3. Great presentation! I was just curious, what exactly happens in the C14 phase of conjugation where the expression of Hyproc14 spikes?

    1. We cant make any conclusions about what happens during C14 phase of conjugation thus far, it was hypothesized that this gene was up-regulated to begin DNA damage response during this phase but now that we know thats not the case further testing needs to be done! Good question 🙂

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