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    1. I think that ideally with better DNA damage research we would have a better understanding of diseases causing DNA damage, and eventually we would be better at repairing our own genome synthetically.

  1. Could you give further elaboration on how you think that your gene is involved in the DNA damage response. You say that there was decreased expression, but what do you possibly think that means?

    1. oh my god, I am so sorry. I thought it wasn’t going through, but it went through 3 times….

  2. Do you think you could elaborate more on how you think your gene is involved in the DNA damage response? You say that there was decreased expression, but have you thought about what that could mean?

  3. Could you elaborate more on what you think that the decreased expression of your gene during the DNA damage response could mean?

    1. I think that this decrease in expression means that my gene is negatively correlated with DNA damage and its repair.

  4. Great job! You mentioned wanting to test the expression of your gene during T. Therm’s natural recombination to see if the the expression differs from induced damage, how does T. Therm’s natural recombination work to do so?

    1. I’m not sure I understand your question. The natural recombination process is the way in which T. Therm reproduces, I believe that induced DNA damage is random and takes a different pathway than the natural process(even if it ends with the same repair).

  5. Great job! You mentioned that there was decreased expression, what does that mean to you and how does it guide further research?

    1. I think it would guide future research because it is already know that they would be looking for a small amount of compound.

  6. Do you think that testing this gene against other genes that act in similar ways would show you more conclusive results? Why?

    1. that would really help, but I don’t think it would show more conclusive results. It would only confirm that the gene is expressed as expected. It wouldn’t give any more insight into why.

  7. I learned a lot from your presentation! Just to clarify, what does it mean if your gene is inversely related to DNA damage?

    1. That means that when DNA damage occurs my gene is expressed less, the opposite being positively related in which expression increases as DNA damage increases.

    1. I do not know, the experiment I performed only allowed me to identify that a relationship exists, though the decrease in expression makes me think that there is a negative correlation

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