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  1. Do you believe youre experiments would have been more or less successful if you had used a different gene to examine?

    1. Hey Nick, in terms actual experimental execution, the type of gene studied may influence primer design, but the type of gene selected shouldn’t influence the experimental results too much. In terms of involvement of the DDR pathway, definitely! Depending on the genes function in the cell, its involvement in the DDR pathway may be very different.

    1. That’s a good question Ryan.The gene is pretty novel and there is no known protein function associated with it, so its hard to say why it is upregulated during conjugation. Something like a gene knockout would be helpful to help us understand more about its function.

    1. As far as I am aware, there are no other known functions of Hymelc. The gene is pretty novel.

    1. In the context of my gene you could first try different types of DNA damage to determine how the expression of the gene might change. You can also do experiments where you trace the protein products of my gene and see how they interact with different components of the DDR pathway, or you could do a gene knockout where you determine how the DNA damage repair process changes after that gene is no longer there.

    1. There isn’t really a lot of information on Hymelc’s hypothetical function. It is unregulated during early and late conjugation, which could mean it plays a role in the exchange of DNA specifically.

    1. Genes with a more defined function in the cell may be better to study in the context of DDR because they may show more promise in being potentially involved in DDR than a gene whose function is unknown.

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