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    1. Honestly, my favorite part of the research was getting a usable gel image after DNA damage inducement. The gel used in figure 3 is actually a redo gel, so to know that we finally set up and ran a gel successfully was just so satisfying.

  1. Do you have any idea what processes Hypzif could be involved in since its not involved in the DNA damage repair pathway?

    1. It’s hard to say because there was very little information on this gene other than it possesses a zinc finger domain, which as I understand can indicate that this protein binds to nucleic acids. . . or proteins. . . or lipids. It could be involved in the physical fusion of two cells or maybe in the meiosis of the micronucleus, but I can only guess.

  2. What are some of the broader goals of discovering specific genome repair genes in bacteria and other organisms?

    1. The broad goal is to have a good understanding of what are all the components to DNA damage repair and what each specifically does. This could be a situation where we are able to use these repair factors in Crispr systems for the treatment of disorders that are caused by the degradation of DNA.

  3. Hey Matthew! This was really cool (and honestly even cooler because we have been discussing some of the dna damage repair pathways in biochem so it’s cool to see something actively doing work on the things that I’m learning).

    You mentioned that future experiments with Hypzif could be conducted to determine its role in this
    phase of the T. Thermophila lifecycle. Do you have any theories on it’s role in this lifecycle?

    No pressure if not, this is all really new to me and very much over my head and I’m just really impressed with the work y’all did. Great job!

    1. It’s a bit over my head too, and without knowing more about conjugation, I can only hazard a broad guess. I threw out some suggestions in my response to Sarah’s question above, but it may play a role in the actual recombination of DNA during meiosis, as that appears to be a process only done during this phase of the lifecycle. I’m sorry I can’t provide a better answer than this, but it’s interesting to think of the possibilities.

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